Drone Inspections and Surveys

Precision, flexibility, and significantly reduced inspection times, all while avoiding risky activities for personnel.

Choose a drone for your inspections

Why Choose a Drone for Your Inspection?

Reduced Timelines
Low Personnel Risk
Precision and Flexibility
Instantly Accessible Collected Data
Measurements Across Extensive Areas

Aerial Photogrammetry

We specialize in aerial photogrammetry using drones for updating municipal plans, cadastral maps, and monitoring construction progress.

  • Georeferenced aerial images
  • Point clouds
  • 3D models (mesh)
  • Contour lines
  • Altitude profiles

We always provide a technical report certifying the completed service.

Solar Photovoltaic Plant Inspection

PV Watch is our highly automated solution for inspecting Photovoltaic (PV) installations. Since 2014, we’ve been assisting solar PV plant operators and maintenance teams in identifying hot-spots, hot-strings, and other key defects.

We also offer support for wind turbine inspections, allowing you to preserve efficiency by quickly identifying cracks and other types of damage or injuries — all without risks to personnel and avoiding prolonged turbine downtime.


Infrastructure Inspections

Harnessing the power of drones allows for streamlined investigation activities on various infrastructure types, including:

  • Viaducts and Highways
  • Railways
  • Aqueducts
  • Electrical Networks

Our fleet of drones excels in detecting faults and malfunctions, utilizing both visible spectrum and thermal infrared imaging for comprehensive inspections.

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