"Easy Flight" Flight simulator

1:1 Aircraft Cockpit for Test and Validation Activities

This cockpit simulator was made to help us in the test and validation activities.

It’s entirely built in-house, fully customizable and constantly improved.

As drone operators we are aware of the strong relationship between UAS and General Aviation.

In fact, the main purpose of this simulator is to be a research platform for digital aviation and future safe interaction between Manned and Unmanned aircrafts.

Gianluca Luisi

RPAS Test Engineer and Flight Simulator Supervisor

All the necessary equipment for a realistic simulation

The simulator is an accurate reproduction of the Cessna 172 Skyhawk cockpit with an immersive 180° field of view.

Each detail has been tought to give a realistic feeling during the flight and to perform different kinds of simulations. 

The cockpit can host two pilots each with their own seat, rudder pedal and yoke. 

The pilot can set throttle, prop and mixture while avionics set includes the radio transponder, the navigation system and the autopilot.

It can also perform an ATC simulation using both local and online live communication.


Easy Flight – 3 – “Use case: DoDo Project” – Interview to Gianluca Luisi – RPAS Test Engineer and Flight Simulator Supervisor

Easy Flight – 2 – “Main features overview for flight training”

Easy Flight – 1 – “All the necessary equipment for a realistic simulation”

Research projects


DODO – Door to Door

This project has made a platform to support GA pilots which does not require any additional installation or certification.

This platform increases safety related to air traffic, minimum flight levels and weather conditions, in accordance to the planned route or by recalculation of a new optimal route, providing support information to the pilot.

During the System development, testing and validation phases, we were involved in the trials in several simulated flight sessions, networking with the air traffic generation&control platform developed by CIRA to validate the software in situations of exceptional stress.


ICARUS – Integrated Common Altitude System. for U-space

ICARUS project proposes a GNSS based altimetry solution to the challenge of the Common Altitude Reference system for drones at very low level airspace, through the identification of the navigation requirements applicable to Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UASs) and the definition of a new U-space service for UAS / Manned aircrafts altitude translation.

This simulator will be used to test the ICARUS service for Manned Aviation