From Dec 7 to 11 two of the most important European Agencies in matters of Space and Aerospace, involved all the communities of these sectors in an incredible week dedicated to the Innovation!

We are speaking about the SESAR Joint Undertaking, who coordinates and concentrates all EU research and development (R&D) activities in ATM, and The European GNSS Agency (GSA), who supports European Union objectives and achieve the highest return on European GNSS investment.

 Sesar JU                   GSA


Since its foundation as Innovative Start Up in 2013, TopView focused its interest in international research, accessing to very competitive European funding plans under Horizon 2020 Programme.

We soon started to work in fields high connected with our interests and skills: renewable energy, precision farming, search and rescue, optimization of electricity networks…

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These research projects put our company in touch with important international partners and made us become an active part of the international community who is supporting the growth of unmanned aviation, ensuring the safety of operations and integrating the new technologies available through European investment in innovation.

So, we couldn’t miss these key events hosted by SESAR JU and GSA!






SESAR Joint Undertaking “Innovation Days (SIDs) 2020” took place from 7 to 10 December as a virtual conference.  It was the celebration of its tenth anniversary!

The conference featured more than 30 posters and 30 papers of the breakthrough concepts from the SESAR Joint Undertaking’s exploratory research portfolio focusing explicitly on long-term and innovative research.

Our webinar took place on 9 December with the participation of our Innovation Manager, Alberto Mennella as moderator of the Q&A session.

All the consortia participated in the event had the opportunity to present their innovative project in a webinar.

We presented our project ICARUS, who has received funding from the SESAR Joint Undertaking under the EU Horizon 2020 research and innovation program and started on may 2020.

The webinar was a very useful tool to present the project and to dialogue in real time with both the drone and general aviation communities.





EU Space Week

In the same week, TopView also attended the “EU Space Week” organized from European GNSS Agency (GSA) that took place from 7 to 11 December.


This year the “EU Space Week” was a global online event that linked the entire EU space community, giving the opportunity to discover the latest applications and resources on Earth observation and satellite navigation in several fields as Green dial, Digital economy, EU Space Programme’s contribution to the European Commission’s priorities for 2019-202, and a deepening of the future “Horizon Europe” Programme.

The event was a success, involving over 3500 participants, from more than 100 countries, and for a total of 52 hours of broadcast.