BlueInvest is a platform supports investment readiness and access to finance for early-stage businesses, SMEs and scale-ups in the blue economy.

The success of our application in the program “BlueInvest Readiness Assistance” gave us the opportuny to receive a dedicated business coaching to develop a set of concrete objectives, including mission, vision, business opportunities.

In addition to the work on company objectives in general, we have examined with particular attention our “blue solution” SARA. It is a concept developed within the European Research Programme Horizon 2020 that was developed for Search and Rescue applications but, with a perspective connected to the blue economy, features a high potential for applications for the protection of the environment and reserves. 

In the SARA Project we developed a solution to be installed on the ships in search of shipwrecks in exceptionally stressful conditions (even during the night) with huge operating benefits and reduced costs.

We are introducing the autonomous drone technology and IoT sensors  and GNSS as key enabling technology for surveillance applications in the blue economy.

To detect access violations or robberies, that generally occurs at night time, the proposed concept combines small drones with recharging stations and IoT sensors, both placed near the area to be protected (i.e. Marine protected areas, fish farms, …) .


If the sensors detect intrusions the drone, equipped with a thermal camera, autonomously flies on the given point and opens via cloud a video stream to a remote operator.
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