Certiflight participated in the Drones Beyond event in Bari on October 25 and 26 to showcase the initial prototypes developed within the project.

Certiflight actively engaged in the Drones Beyond 2023 congress, hosted at the Fiera del Levante in Bari. Now in its third edition, Drones Beyond centered around the theme “Unfolding Innovative Aerial Services for the Smart City.”

The Certiflight consortium selected this scenario to unveil the inaugural prototype of the UTM box and the Certiflight software platform to the public. The Certiflight UTM box employs the Galileo OSNMA service for authenticating the flight tracks of drones and ultralight aircraft within VLL airspace.

This UTM box seamlessly integrated with U-space services offered by d-flight, the Italian U-Space service provider and a strategic partner of Certiflight. Comparable integrations are in the pipeline for testing with the other two USSPs collaborating within the Certiflight consortium—Unifly and Upvision.

Furthermore, real-time data was captured by the Certiflight platform prototype, which processed authenticated flight paths and camera data collected during flights to generate certified flight reports inclusive of flight parameters and processed data.

To validate this setup, we conducted two flights:

• A BVLOS flight for a simulated inspection of a channel in an urban environment near the boundaries of the Bari airport CTR. This test showcased Certiflight’s ability to prevent airspace infringements during demonstrations.

• A flight over a simulated traffic accident aimed at obtaining legally binding evidence. This involved producing images with a certified timestamp and location to ensure alignment with the accident under investigation.

These demonstrations exemplify that the Certiflight consortium has successfully demonstrated the adequacy of their proposed solution in achieving the established project goals.

Drones Beyond 2023 emphasized the exploration of drone applications across various operational sectors and as a tool for public administration. Over the course of two days, panels and keynote speeches addressed diverse topics, complemented by a series of live tests.