The Comp4Drones first promotional video has just been launched.

COMP4DRONES is an ECSEL JU project led by Indra that brings together a consortium of 50 partners to provide a framework of key enabling technologies for safe and autonomous drones.

The current drone innovation is often limited by a lack of interoperable technologies available to drone manufacturers.

In order to overcome these constraints, Comp4Drones aims to make an open sustainable ecosystem around public, royalty-free, and goal-driven software platform standards.

This ecosystem intends to achieve the following objectives:

  • Ease the integration and customization of drone embedded systems
  • Enable drones to take safe and autonomous decisions
  • Ensure the deployment of trusted communications
  • Minimize design and verification effort for complex drone applications
  • Ensure sustainable impact and creation of an industry-driven community

This goal can be reached ranging from the application to electronic components, realized as a tightly integrated multi-vendor and compositional drone embedded architecture solution and a toolchain complementing the compositional architecture principles.

We are glad to contribute in this ambitious project by designing a U-space ready GNSS tracker for precision navigation and position reporting.

    Comp4Drones Logistics

    The ecosystem will foster the development and benchmarking of new application and functionalities in 5 relevant sectors:

    • Transport, drone for the optimization of transport control, operation and infrastructure management
    • Construction, digitalization of the state of the constructive process of a civil infrastructure
    • Logistics, drone delivery capabilities for transporting hospital equipment and deployment of a fleet of drones in hard to access areas
    • Surveillance and Inspection, drone and wheeled robotic system for inspection, surveillance and rescue operations
    • Agriculture, crop monitoring, focusing on crop health and growth management, and technology needs for wine cultivation

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