On June 19 and 20 in Naples took place the kick of meeting (KOM) of a new H2020 project that involved the Secretariat and some of the Model Forest of the Mediterranean Network.

The DigiMedFor project is on a mission to enhance how we monitor and manage forests. Using cutting-edge digital solutions, it will improve sustainability in wood production and make certain ecosystem services are delivered efficiently. By combining geo-spatial, AI, and modeling technologies with ICT, the project aims to take forest management to the next level.

The meeting involved all 21 partners from 10 different countries spanning Europe and the Mediterranean basin: Italy, France, Spain, Tunisia, Greece, Ukraine, Croatia, Finland, Slovakia and Turkey.

The Montagne Fiorentine Model Forest, together with the Forêt Modèle de Provence, the Istria Model Forest and MF experts from Turkey and Tunisia, will manage some case studies within their territories and promote the project objectives through dissemination and participation events.

DigiMedFor is a groundbreaking initiative set to transform the technological landscape of the Mediterranean forest-wood supply chain and booster its competitiveness. The overarching goal is to empower stakeholders to effectively manage forests and supply multiple ecosystem services, including the vital traceability of wood from forests to end-users.

Aligned with the EU forest strategy and the EU digital strategy, DigiMedFor will leverage advanced and innovative digital solutions to revolutionize the monitoring and management of forest resources along the supply chain, spanning from origin to the wood industry. By optimizing the sustainability of wood production and improving traceability and delivery of ecosystem services, DigiMedFor promises a paradigm shift in the industry.

At the core of DigiMedFor’s approach lies the seamless integration of geo-spatial, artificial intelligence (AI), and digital twin technologies, combined with information and communication technology (ICT). This synergetic combination will pave the way for enhanced forest management and unlock unprecedented opportunities for the entire sector

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