Pollicino™ takes to the field with RDN – Rescue Drones Network ODV, the voluntary association that uses drones to support the Civil Protection.

TopView and Rescue Drones Network have signed an agreement that allows for the use of our device in the numerous exercises that RDN will conduct throughout the year. The initiative aims to test and improve the Network Remote ID U-space service in collaboration with d-Flight within the U-ELCOME DSD project.

Integrated with the d-flight portal, Pollicino™ enables real-time tracking of drones, ensuring greater safety and control in flight operations and compliance with the latest U-space regulations and standards.

Excellent results with adverse weather conditions

Tracking and data








The U-ELCOME project promotes the implementation of U1 and U2 services in U-space in Spain, Italy, and France, through real-world use cases such as goods delivery, inspections, and aerial work in urban and suburban environments. Rescue Drone Network fits into this context, conducting exercises throughout 2024 to:
  • Train volunteers with standardized operational procedures, enhancing their response and coordination with Civil Protection Departments.
  • Carry out joint activities, where possible, with local authorities as well as entities and associations operating in the field of Civil Protection and volunteering.

On Saturday, February 24th, the first flight took place in Emilia-Romagna.

RDN’s social media comment reads:

“Highly skilled equipment and extremely expert pilots allowed us at RDNODV to test the Pollicino™ device from TopView aimed at developing U-space services provided by d-Flight including the Network Remote ID service. All this within the SESAR U-ELCOME Project. The weather conditions highlighted how professionalism and expertise can still allow for challenging operations. Many thanks for the support of the Associations that have supported us and made this Exercise possible.”

Map of the RDN members

We are delighted to collaborate with ODV Rescue Drones Network, an incubator established in 2018, which promotes research and application of innovative technologies in the rescue field.

RDN – Rescue Drones Network has so far developed a rapid deployment network of Remotely Piloted Aircraft (Drones) to support rescue activities, with nearly 250 members throughout Italy, managing a fleet of over 500 professional drones.



The RDN network performs a wide range of rescue activities, including search for missing persons using thermal cameras, aerial supervision of road or rail accidents, fire control, landslide monitoring, preventive inspection of structures, post-event forensic documentation, emergency response in case of earthquakes and floods, transport of telephone repeaters and amplification systems for communication with the population, as well as transport of blood, medicines, life-saving equipment, and essential goods.


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