ITA, the Italian Trade Agency, has organized collective participation of companies with operational headquarters in the Regions of Southern Italy at the Oceanology International 2022, scheduled in the ExCEL exhibition space in London from 15 to 17 March 2022.

TopView has been selected together with 9 other SMEs to represent the Regions of Southern Italy.

Oceanology International is the world’s leading event for marine technologies and sciences and the blue economy.

The most recent editions of the event have seen growing attention on issues and technologies that aim to safeguard seas and oceans, the eco-sustainable use of marine resources, renewable energy related to the sea, the exploration of the seabed, and the digitization and automation of activities carried out at sea and ocean.

The twofold nature of the event, on the one hand, scientific research and on the other innovative and business-oriented, allows the development of synergies and collaborations between these two spheres: participation is an opportunity for entrepreneurial realities and the scientific-academic world of Southern Italy to meet the most important counterparts at international level in sectors that will see interests and economic resources grow in the future.

Maritime Security and UAS tracking solutions

TopView will present two solutions SARA and Pollicino.

SARA, Search & Rescue Aid, the semi-autonomous tethered UAS designed to support vessels in the detection of people lost in the sea.

The UAS features a thermal/optical sensor and is powered directly from its hangar to make it suitable for persistent flight operations, especially during hours of darkness.

The solution derives from the SARA project funded by EUSPA, under the EU’s Horizon 2020 program.

Pollicino™️ is a fully independent NB-IoT drone tracker which broadcasts the UAS position to UTM and U-space service providers, aiming to enable advanced U-Space services