Status Concluded

Tipologia U-space and Digital Aviation


MIUR-ARS01_00702, CUP: B26G18000810005


ACROSS contributes to the secure and efficient integration of small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) operations in low-altitude airspace, whether controlled (airport) or uncontrolled, where both manned and unmanned aircraft traffic coexists.

Specifically, the project consortium has developed a platform that enables UAS operators and pilots to acquire reliable and up-to-date information regarding no-fly zones and airspace constraints. It also allows them to submit flight plans for approval. Additionally, Air Traffic Control (ATC) operators and UAS Service Suppliers can authorize flight plans, obtain a comprehensive representation of planned and active flights within their responsibility area, publish no-fly zones, inform potentially affected flights, and request contingency maneuvers.


Our role

TopView, as a UAS operator, is responsible for flight activities and has developed a dedicated Ground Control Station application. The application communicates the drone’s position to the platform in real-time, sends alert messages to the pilot, and can take control to perform emergency landings at designated points.