Status On-going

Tipology U-space & digital aviation


CERTIFLIGHT – HORIZON EUROPE – EUSPA –Grant Agreement no 101082484. 


The rising number of UAS (drones) accessing the airspace and the increased complexity of their operations in BVLOS, led to the introduction of specific rules and procedures (EU regulatory package 2021/664 U-space) where UAS is expected to operate alongside ultralight and General Aviation aircraft.

In this scenario, a solution that ensures the authenticity of the position information is needed for all the U-space stakeholders, especially for safety-critical and commercially valuable applications.

The Certiflight platform offers a digital service for the generation of certified reports of flight tracks and the flight logs of UAS and GA aircraft.
The service will be also included in the USSP/UTM service provider’s software. In addition, the recorded tracks may be useful for enforcement, for instance sanctions for airspace infringement, as well as for possible accident or incident investigations.

The core of the system is a Digital EGNSS/IoT Device installed on UAS and General Aviation manned aircraft, equipped with an OSNMA Galileo/EGNOS enabled receiver, capable to guarantee the authenticity of their position information at the origin, without the possibility to be counterfeited or spoofed.

Tracking information is encrypted and once transmitted to the Certiflight platform is permanently stored by automation software to an unalterable blockchain private node.

our role

TopView is the project leader and coordinator.

Apart from project management, TopView leads the activities for solution design & realization and integration and verification activities.

We also act as a UAS operator in several validation activities.