Name DigiMedFor

Status On-going

Tipology UAS integration

DIGIMEDFOR –HORIZON-CL6-2022-CIRCBIO-02-06-two-stage –Grant Agreement no 101081928. 


The objective of the DigiMedFor project is to modernize the technological landscape of the Mediterranean forest-wood supply chain.

The project simultaneously focuses on enhancing competitiveness and sustainable management by ensuring the traceability of wood resources from the forest to end-users. Harnessing the current digital revolution, stakeholders can effectively manage Mediterranean forests and improve the provision of ecosystem services associated with them.

DigiMedFor aligns with the forest strategy and digital strategy of the European Union,  leveraging advanced and innovative digital solutions to enhance the monitoring and management of forest resources throughout the supply chain, from their origin in the forest to processing in the primary wood industry. The project integrates various technologies, including geospatial analysis, artificial intelligence (AI), and digital twin modeling technologies with information and communication technology (ICT) to improve the sustainability of wood production and optimize traceability and delivery of ecosystem services.