Status On going

Tipology UAS integration: Innovative strategies for containership fires prevention and management

European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency (CINEA) under Grant agreement ID: 101076633

Start  2024, 1 jan – End 2026, 31 dec


Maritime transport represents the centre of global trade with about 90% of the goods’ volumes and values worldwide. Nowadays, containerships are built with the same basic design principles as the older smaller container ships, without accounting for possible consequences that could impact safety.

Cargo fires represents one of the most important threats of this kind of ships (also for ferries with container on the truck). On one hand, fire causes large losses of humans and/or cargoes, on the other hand fire is impacting coastal zone and marine protected areas. Currently, there are no requirements for the installation of fixed fire detection systems above the weather deck of a container ship. Innovative strategies for containership fires prevention and management (OVERHEAT) main goal is to prevent and manage, in case of occurrence fire accidents on board of containerships.

OVERHEAT brings novel fire management solutions for Prevention, Early Detection and Response which are key aspects to assure safety of people and the protection of the environment. The development of a Digital Solution (DS) will provide the overall situational picture on board and surrounding the vessel. Furthermore, integration of IoT sensors (fixed and mobile) and UAS will provide the ad-hoc system for the prevention, early detection and rapid response of fire. Best practice and assessment of safety culture will be conducted to prevent fire and understand how people perceive safety.

Hence, OVERHEAT prepares a truly new generation of digital fire management solutions: complete, seamless, real time and in line with IMO regulations (integrated in the vessel IT infrastructure). The impact of the proposed solution will be initially evaluated by performing validation activities in simulated environment and then executing demonstration activities in a real environment, with use cases that will be identified, described and detailed during the research activities, to prove the feasibility and benefits.

our role

TOPVIEW will share with the consortium the experience on UAS operations and their integration in complex systems, having in charge the tailoring and development of the UAS recharging station for Vessels’ inspection as main task. TOPVIEW has a strong experience in the integration of Drones with IoT sensor network and software digital platforms, having already participated in other H2020 initiatives as  SARA e PASSPORT projects, both dealing with Tethered drones in Maritime environment.