Name PATHFinder

Status Concluded

Type UAS Integration

The project is being funded by the Italian Space Agency (ASI) and supported with the tecnical review of the European Space Agency (ESA) in the framework of NAVISP Element 2

Pathfinder aims to design and implement an early warning system for first responders and civil protection.

Environmental emergencies can generate complex scenarios. Extreme events and emergency conditions are common in volcanic areas, typically involving people and civil infrastructure. a fleet of air, land and submarine drones.

Collecting data during natural events may be difficult and represents a dangerous condition for the personnel involved. Risk mitigation becomes a difficult task to solve in a very short time to allow for possible countermeasures, evacuations or alternative actions. The purpose of the Pathfinder solution is to create a new system that can:

  • Increase awareness of the scenario;
  • Continuously acquire relevant environmental data;
  • Detect environmental anomalies;
  • Inform the designated personnel of the anomaly;
  • Supporting authorities and simplifying decision-making

Topview takes care of the autonomous Drone system, the development of a payload to enable a radio link for the restoration of local communication related as a radio link, and field validation activities