Status On-going

Tipology UAS integration: ensuring routine commercial drone operations in Europe by 2026

European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency (CINEA) under grant agreement No. 101079171.


The U-ELCOME project aims to promote the implementation of U1 and U2 U-space services through the development, testing, and demonstration in 15 locations across Spain, Italy, and France. Leveraging the EU regulatory framework, U-ELCOME will showcase the potential and efficiency of U-space services by exploring use cases such as goods delivery, inspection flights, and aerial work in urban and suburban environments, within both controlled and uncontrolled airspace. The project will present a comprehensive overview of typical missions for business, civil, and authority applications.

The project’s goal is to establish and deploy U1/U2 solutions, seamlessly integrating digital and physical infrastructure capabilities. This integration is designed to facilitate the smooth operation of drones in environments that mirror the diversity found across Europe. Through this initiative, the project aims to demonstrate the maturity and readiness of U1/U2 services for practical implementation, showcasing their effectiveness and robustness up to Technology Readiness Level 8 (TRL8).


We carry out flight operations, promote the use of the Pollicino box, and establish a sandbox to test U-space services in Campania