Certiflight successfully completes the first flights of the software platform and UTM box prototypes

Certiflight participated in the Drones Beyond event in Bari on October 25 and 26 to showcase the initial prototypes developed within the project. Certiflight actively engaged in the Drones Beyond...

TopView flies in Drones Beyond 2023

TopView will be present in Drones Beyond 2023, which will take place on 25-26 October, at the Fiera del Levante in Bari. DTA (Aerospace Technology District) and the Municipality of Bari host this...

DigiMedFor kicks-off: cutting-edge technologies to improve sustainability in wood production

On June 19 and 20 in Naples took place the kick of meeting (KOM) of a new H2020 project that involved the Secretariat and some of the Model Forest of the Mediterranean Network....

Certiflight project hosts the First Advisory Board meeting in Naples

We held the first Certiflight Advisory Board in Naples, Italy, on May 17. The event brought together about 50 experts, including representatives of the European Commission, EUSPA (EU Agency for the...

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Our story

What started from a hobby now is an international company

TopView comes from the passion for the world of aviation and model aircraft.

Since the foundation, we firmly trust in the disruptive impact of drones in many applications and over the years we’ve designed and prototyped cutting-edge systems, fulfilling customers’ needs.

A hobby in the beginning now has become a drone-focused company for precision agriculture, search and rescue, cultural heritage, safety and green energy.

TopView is not just design and fly with drones: since 2016 TopView actively participate to U-space concept and services definition, collaborating with international companies and authorities.

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