Last December a new H2020 project has started: PASSport (Operational Platform managing a fleet of semi-autonomous drones exploiting GNSS high Accuracy and Authentication to improve Security & Safety in port areas).

The purpose of this project is to improve safety and security in port areas by using drones.
To reach the best situational awareness possible, the proposed solution is based both on UAS and underwater drones.


PASSport logo


This particular need stems from the directive 2005/65/CE “On enhancing port security” asking to complement surveillance systems for the whole port area, in order to improve security and safety for daily operations in around 1000 ports across Europe. This results also in saving citizen lives ensuring a high and equal level of safety and security for all european ports.

As a consequence, PASSport responds to the needs expressed by port authorities, harbour master and border control authorities which are active parties in the consortium and will be directly involved in the definition of the solutions.



The proposed solution is intended to complement already operational platforms by extending the surveillance perimeter using a fleet of drones. This will provide innovation and operational support to recognition, management and analysis of safety and security aspects of daily operations, with particular attention to:

  • support to e-navigation;
  • critical buildings/infrastructure protection;
  • protection against non-cooperative small craft approaching the port areas;
  • underwater threats monitoring;
  • pollution monitoring.


TopView’s role in the project


SARA UAS during a test

TopView will support PASSport project activities taking care of campaign execution and testing activities for rotary drones to the research with its competencies as Drone Operator, with UAS fleet, but mostly with its assets:

  • Tethered drone solution;
  • U-Space transponders (EGNSS/IOT – Tracking System for Drones);
  • Recharging station patents n. 102015000030672/102020000020911.

Main activities will be:

  • Tailoring and Development of Self Charging Stations for Small Autonomous Drones;
  • Verification and Validation Campaigns;
  • Support to technical management;
  • Support to business development and communication acitvities.

It’s the second maritime use case in which we are involved: the first was SARA, the UAS designed to support Search & Rescue operations.


GSA GNSS Project Portfolio;
PASSport Facebook page.